Logo Design
Update your branding

Give your logo design a facelift

If you have an old, tired logo, chances are it is heavily embedded and the thought of updating it fills you with dread. The Design Grove is very experienced in logo design and rebranding projects and can support you with the whole process.

Creative process

Following one of our branding workshops, we will delve into the colours, fonts and graphical elements of your branding and create something truly unique to you.

We can help you manage the rebrand from internal and external documentation to signage and van livery. The whole kit and caboodle. 


Re-Draw your logo

We’ve lost count of the times that our clients have asked us to create something with their logo, only to find it’s 2kb in size!

We can re-draw your logo design and ensure that it is fit for purpose across a whole range of media. 

Rebrand Case Study

PI Castings approached The Design Grove to take a look at their branding. They wanted to update their logo which lead to a whole rebranding project.

“Gillian delivered a complete overhaul of our branding and marketing strategy and I would highly recommend her to any company looking to increase their marketing efforts.”

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