marketing specialist for sole traders

Access the knowledge

Do the right things

Grow your business

marketing specialist for sole traders

Access the knowledge

Do the right things

Grow your business

Making the most of your marketing investment

As a solopreneur you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time thinking about your marketing. Gone on a few courses, spoken to a few people, tried your hand at doing it yourself and you’re doing ok, but you know you could do better. What if you had a marketing specialist to advise you, a strategy to follow, what if you had beautifully branded marketing material, what if you had all your messaging written perfectly, wouldn’t that be a huge time saver and a massive weight off your shoulders? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what I can do for you and more. So take a look at your options.

Strategy building workshops

If you’re scratching your head at the mere mention of a marketing strategy, then this is for you. The process is simple. We arrange a meeting option that is best for you, and over three hours we uncover all there is to know about your business and build a plan.

Part One – Marketing Audit

We’ll get to grips with your business before delving into your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and look at your current marketing presence on and offline.

Part Two – Objectives & Customer Profiling

Let’s set some goals and talk through your target audience. What your ideal client looks like and how we are going to get through to them.

Part Three – USP’s, Vision and Values

What are your standout features, what’s your reason for being and how do you deliver. We weave this into core messages that you will need for your future marketing.

What do you get?

After the meeting, we will type all your words up into a comprehensive report for you to keep and refer back to time and time again. Your report is a reminder of what you’re here to do and helps to keep you focused.

Your core messaging defined

Your Mission, Vision and Values

Your marketing plan

Usable content for web and social

Empowering your strategy with training

Armed with the clarity over your marketing strategy, we will get to grips with the tools you need to make things happen in a half day training session covering LinkedIn for business, Canva, your website, AI tools and Search Engine Optimisation.

Part One – Brand Identity – Canva

Whether you have branding or you don’t, we will explore the value of your brand identity and look at hands on training of Canva for content creation.

Part Two – Content Planning – AI & LinkedIn

Using AI tools to empower our content, we will start to put together a content plan for your future marketing. We will also go through LinkedIn as a platform and look at how to use it and how to improve your profile.

Part Three – SEO and your website

Working on your live website or thinking about a new one, you will learn all you need to know about improving your Google rankings and we’ll make improvements to your website to get you started.

What do you get?

As this is a hands-on meeting, we will use your profile and your business as a live example and work together to create:

Branded social banner design

Branded social media templates

A 6 month content plan

Your first months content (graphics)

What people said

I decided to treat myself to a branding workshop and WOW was I glad I did! She is a genius at pulling out all your key messages and helping you find clarity in the fog.

Sarah Cooper, Thrive Mindset

I had a brand workshop with Gillian and I can honestly say it has been one of the best investments.

Sarah Cardwell, Body Shop at Home

Gillian coordinated and facilitated a brand workshop for me which gave us the direction we needed to move our project forward.

Philippa King-Smith, SpiritSmith

Getting you visible online

With your gorgeous new branding, your comprehensive messaging and new found love of all things marketing, you’ll need a platform to launch it from. A website!! We can build websites as complex or as simple as you like, but as a starter-for-ten we offer a simple, one-page WordPress website for just £495. It includes all the basic functions that you need to give you a presence and can be added to at a later date if you like. This website bolt-on must be bought in conjunction with the strategy package.

Your one-page website includes

Welcome message

About us section

Product or service selector

Contact form

Header & Footer

Cookie popup

Keeping you talking

Get your messages out on social media with our Evergreen social media package. We’ll create 8, 12 or 24 posts for you to have and use at your own free will so you’ll be all set for social.

The Evergreen Socials Package

When you hear the term ‘evergreen’ in content marketing, you might be wondering what that means? It refers to the fact that if your content is ever green, that it has a long life. It’s not content that will go out of date too much, it will stand the test of time, like your evergreen trees do in your garden.

So when we say ‘Evergreen Socials’ we mean the sort of content that will always be true, your USPs, your Mission, Vision and Values, your service offering, the staple stuff! While they may change in the long term, in the short term they’re pretty solid.

Graphic Design

8 Graphics £295
12 Graphics £375
24 Graphics £480

Evergreen graphics that you can reuse time and time again, delivered in Canva.

Caption Writing

8 Captions £295
12 Captions £375
24 Captions £480

Evergreen content that you can reuse time and time again, delivered in word.

Getting **it done!

It’s been quite a ride, quite an investment too, and the last thing you want is for all that lovely marketing content to sit in your inbox getting dusty and never getting seen.

Make sure your hard effort brings the rewards you deserve by signing up to monthly accountability and mentoring sessions.

Together we will work to a quarterly and monthly plan, work around any issues or problems you might be facing with your marketing, and access 22 years of marketing knowledge anytime you like.

1-2-1 Marketing Coaching

Quarterly strategy session

Monthly planning session

Power hour - put me to work

Is this the solution for you?

Hey, thanks for reading all the way to the bottom! If you’re still here and you’re still unsure, please do get in touch and let’s talk about your options.