Your website should be the centre of your universe, shouldn’t it?
Published on 2 Oct, 2019
Your website should be the centre of your universe, shouldn’t it?

I set out writing this blog to challenge the ideology that a website should be the centre of your marketing universe.

I found NO research to support me whatsoever. It seems most people on the world wide web of Google believe that your website IS the centre of your universe. Well what do I think?

Aside from most of these opinions being from businesses that are, guess what, trying to sell you a website, I do think they have a point.

Buyer behaviour has changed so much, changed to adapt to a digital age that we find ourselves in. We tweet, we do Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and a new one that I found out about yesterday called TikTok? What’s all that about? With so much drawing your customers online, you either respond or you don’t and you risk being out of touch with the world.

So why a website, shouldn’t you just do social?

Think about your own buying behaviour? You see some stuff advertised on Facebook, like the look of it but never heard of that brand before, ‘I’ll just ‘Google it’’. You land on their website… BOOM! That’s it… that’s the first impression you are working on! The one that needs to be reassuring, reminding them why they’re visiting, inspiring them to buy and then persuasive enough to make them take action.

So if your website is a bit shabby, a bit clunky to navigate, not well written and not maximising opportunities for calls to action, guess what, the positive impression is just not going to be there.

You might have the best products or services in the world, but one look is all it takes to make a judgement of confidence in that brand. So back to the original question, is your website at the centre of your universe, yes, it is, but first is your brand.

I personally think your brand is the centre of your universe. If you’re a small business owner everything you say, do and allude to is part of your brand. You find yourself commenting on someone’s political views, oops, now your brand is forever associated with that can of worms.

So think about your brand, what do you represent? What are you good at? What are you trying to achieve? Why should anyone care? The media upon which you convey those messages, your website being at the centre, serves to reinforce, remind and reassure people that, with you, they have made the right decision.

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