marketing strategy

Set off in the right direction

Before you start to tackle your marketing, we strongly recommend building your marketing strategy. We offer a range of marketing strategy workshops to help you get clarity and focus over your marketing, with something to suit all budgets. Take a look at your options.

The DIY marketing strategy

If you’re keen to do your own marketing strategy but you need some guidance, the DIY marketing masterclasses could be for you. Learn the fundamentals of marketing strategy and take away homework that will guide you through the steps. By the end of six weeks you will have your strategy sorted and have received training on Canva, LinkedIn, AI and SEO in the process.

Video Masterclass
Learn how to do your own marketing strategy in my video masterclass.

121 Masterclass
Learn how to do your own marketing strategy in a 121 setting.

What does the masterclass include?

1. Understanding your business


We start with a SWOT analysis. Focusing on your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


We move on to SWOT your competitors, evaluating their marketing, what they do well and where you could do better.


We look into what drives you as a business. Understanding your ‘why’ and the value that you bring to your customers.

USP Analysis

We take a look at your features, what you do that sets you apart from anyone else. How you add value to your customers lives.


We profile your target audience. Discuss their challenges, their biggest fears, their desires and their objections.

2. Empowering your marketing strategy


Build a brand identity with training in Canva and brand creation. 


Look at content planning and forming ideas for customer focused content.


We look at how LinkedIn can be used to drive your businesses marketing activity.

AI Tools

Leverage AI to empower your strategy and plan your content.


Learn all you need to know about Google rankings and make improvements on your website.

Your marketing strategy Done For You

If you don’t fancy the idea of homework and writing isn’t your fortay, the Done For You option is your safer bet. We cover the same marketing content, but the output is written by us. Carefully worded and crafted into usable content for your future marketing.

Just give me the strategy
We get to understand your business & prepare your strategy for you with very little involvement from you.

I want it all
A comprehensive strategy and training package with everything you need to know for your marketing. 

Some clients we’ve helped

“There is no one better suited to help businesses get their marketing, web and social in order. Gillian facilitated and coordinated a branding workshop for us which gave us the direction we needed to move forward.”

Philippa King-Smith

Managing Director, SpiritSmith

“Gillian really helped us unlock the true potential of our brand. She understood our needs and the demands of the market. Through workshops and bringing ideas to fruition, she’s both knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Dave Ross

Owner, Brickhouse Productions

Do you want to have greater clarity over your business and come away with a marketing strategy, plan and renewed focus?