The Design Grove

Who is The Design Grove

The Design Grove is managed by Gilian Bardsley. A time-served marketing manager turned freelance marketer. Bringing the skills of a full marketing and creative department in one simple, friendly package.

Gillian Bardsley

Gillian Bardsley

Marketing Director

The Design Grove was set up to support businesses that couldn’t afford a full-time, or even part-time marketing employee.

We are able to slot into your business as and when you need us and provide a qualified marketing service on a project or continuous basis.

Whether it is graphic design focused or copywriting for your content marketing, we offer a holistic approach to marketing which ensures you get incredible value for money!

Our aim is to save you time, add bags of value and give you a clearer focus for your marketing.


To be the ‘go to’ resource for marketing and communication.
Respected for knowledge, quality and added value.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to help business owners build a better brand by articulating their vision through words and visuals.

We aim to inspire business owners to realise the power of marketing and communication in driving business goals and supporting business growth.

Using the vast knowledge and skills acquired through 2 decades of experience, we aim to add value to our clients by always going above and beyond.


Providing marketing support when you most need it. Working around you and being responsive to your needs. Working on a project or retainer basis, whatever your project is, we can provide you with an honest appraisal of timescale and cost.


Treating your brand as if it’s our own. We aim to bring all your messages together into beautifully created masterpieces that we are proud to present as our contribution to the growth of your business.


Our aim is to inspire you to want more, to do more and to be better. To energise, refocus and motivate you and your team to be as passionate about marketing your brand as we are.


In marketing you tend to find plenty of skilled marketers but very few with creative skills. This is where we excel, providing the perfect blend of creativity and knowledge that enables our work to be the brains and the beauty!


We aim to be constantly learning and honing our digital marketing skills, which enables us to pass that on to our clients. We love to share our knowledge, from both education and experience, through mentoring and coaching.

Making a difference with marketing.

Why choose us?

Take a look at some of the reasons why we could be a great fit for your business.

Spice up your team

The value that we bring to your organisation is;

  • Skills

  • Professionalism

  • Intuition

  • Creativity

  • Experience

Not phased by technical jargon

With 20 years experience in technical marketing, we have provided marketing services for a wide range of engineering and manufacturing organisations with highly technical products and services. We enjoy turning the technical into easy-to-understand messages, brochures and websites.

Value added marketing solutions

We are proud of the vast technical marketing experience that has been developed over the years. Our aim is to share this expertise with you and add value to your marketing, your brand and your business. If we’re not adding value, we’re not doing our job. 

Organised and methodical

We are committed to ensuring that we don’t become ‘another thing to manage’.  Operating autonomously, methodically and with transparency so that you always know where you stand with your project.

Blend of creativity and knowledge

We know first hand how difficult it is to recruit an ‘all rounder’ in marketing. You tend to find plenty of skilled marketers but very few with creative skills themselves. With TDG, you’ll find the perfect blend of creativity and knowledge that enables our work to be the brains and the beauty.

Help when you need it most

We are able to work around you and be responsive to your needs. We offer services on a retainer basis or on a project basis. Whatever your project is, we will provide you with an honest appraisal of timescale and costs.

A great working relationship

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients, many of whom see us as an extension of their business or one of the team. We fully immerse ourselves into your organisation and get to know your people because it enriches the work we produce and enables us to accomplish more.

Your customers will love you!

Having a clear message not only improves your ability to win business, but also enables your employees to understand your strategy, the effect of which is a higher level of productivity and consequently, customer satisfaction. Win! Win!