search engine optimisation

Getting you found on Google

Once you have a website, it’s very easy to just forget about it, but with new products and developments happening around you, you need to make sure your website grows as your business grows. Our outsourced website management services can ensure that your beloved website gets frequent updates, keeping you fresh and enhancing your visibility with the search engines.

Product updates

If you are running a product portfolio online or an e-commerce website, it’s inevitable that your portfolio is going to grow and change. Whilst you can be trained in Woo Commerce and WordPress, it’s often easier just to outsource the ongoing management of this. 

Writing up new products, editing and adding imagery all takes precious time that you don’t have. We spend all day on WordPress so it will take a fraction of the time for us to do it.

Win win!  

Search engine optimisation

Often we’re in such a panic to get a website up and running and cracking on with business straight away. This can leave us rushing the content and not really thinking through the impact on SEO. 

Simple optimisation tasks such as re-writing some of the content, adding more impactful copy and editing the Yoast plugin can be quick ways to give your website a boost. 

Speak to us about your ongoing maintenance needs. 

Blog updates

The search engines love it when you add more content to your website. Keeping things current and relevant is what matters most for your rankings. 

So you can’t sit idly by and leave your website alone for too long. If you have news or blog areas, what impression does it give if the last update you made was three years ago?

We provide a range of content marketing services to support your website and your business.