The marketing support you’ve been looking for…

Simple strategies to grow your business

Marketing that attracts more clients

No kidneys are sold in the process

Your marketing support lifeline

We know you want to do better marketing, you just don’t have the time or the resources to do it. We get it, we’ve been there, thats why we are here to throw you a lifeline. Don’t miss out on those vital opportunities to win more business, this is how we can help…

Write your marketing strategy

Helping you to be clear about who your customer is, what you want them to know and what you want them to do. Together we’ll create a marketing strategy tailored to your business.

Help you build your brand

Your brand design has the power to unravel all of your marketing efforts, so we start here. With holistic brand design that is focused on creating the right impression for your audience.

Build your awesome website

No business should be ashamed of their website, that’s why our focus is on creating one for you with the right messages, designed beautifully and optimised for performance.

Be your content machine

Whether it’s writing blogs for your website or content for your social media channels, we will work within your strategy to create content that speaks to your audience and increases engagement.

Get you found on Google

Give your website a once over with an SEO audit and let us provide you with a keyword driven content plan that will help you optimise your website and improve your rankings in the search engines.

Be your marketing mentor

Make the most of your investment in marketing by engaging with us as your marketing mentor. With regular accountability and key skills training, you will work smarter and save time.

Your marketing journey

Experience tells us that the marketing support you need, largely depends on where you are in your marketing journey so we have created bespoke packages for you based on your unique set of needs. Which category do you fit into? 

I’m a start up, I don’t know what I need

I’m a few years in, but not seeing progress

I’m an established SME with room for marketing growth

Just look at what you could’ve won

Extra brownie points if you know who said that. This is a selection of our work and the sort of thing you could expect if you work with us.

Out of the horse’s mouth

Indeed anyone can, and they do, make this stuff up, but these are some of the glowing things our clients have said about us…

“Gillian has delivered a complete overhaul of our branding and marketing strategy and I would highly recommend her to any company looking to increase their marketing efforts.”

David Farncombe

Sales Director, Precision Investment Castings

“Gillian is a naturally gifted communicator, she has a real passion and flair for her work, combined with the high emotional IQ essential for delivering a complex communication strategy.”

Mark Stanley

CDA, Ferranti Technologies

“Gillian really helped us unlock the true potential of our brand. She understood our needs and the demands of the market. Through workshops and bringing ideas to fruition, she’s both knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Dave Ross

Owner, Brickhouse Productions

“There is no one better suited to help businesses get their marketing, web and social in order. Gillian facilitated and coordinated a branding workshop for us which gave us the direction we needed to move forward.”

Philippa King-Smith

Managing Director, SpiritSmith

Who is your marketing lifeline?

Hi, I’m Gillian, a CIM qualified marketing consultant based in Rochdale. I work with companies and brands of every size to establish, expand, and improve their online footprint.

With over 20 years’ practical experience in marketing roles in industry and running my own successful content marketing agency, I know a thing or two about how to make marketing work for your business.

Having someone like me to help you through the marketing maze has huge benefits.

what you’ll get…

More RFQs

With better visibility comes more opportunity to quote for jobs. We’ll look at your quote process too and optimise this.


What if you could see the impact of your marketing work, how happy do you think that would make you?

Better engagement on social media

With refined messaging, you should see your audience start to respond to your content. 

Make progress in the search engines

There are no promises in the wonderful world of Google, but many of my clients see marked improvements in their rankings.

More opportunities to do business

You’re out there, you’re making noise and you’re getting noticed, you will start to see opportunities everywhere.

Maximise your marketing budget

You’ll undoubtedly feel like the time, money and effort you’re spending is being put to better use.

We are so glad we found you.

Sarah Edge

Not sure what you need?

If you’re not quite sure what you need, maybe a quick chat will help. Click on the button below and book your virtual coffee with me and lets get this show on the road.