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Employee engagement

Your internal comms are pivotal to the engagement of your employees. Your employees are pivotal to the success of your business. Yet organisations still fail to see the impact that employee engagement has on business activities. Establishing a robust internal comms strategy can help your people discover how they add value to your organisation and their renewed sense of purpose can really drive results. If you want to know how, read on.

Design your culture

Through impactful internal comms strategies, The Design Grove helps you to design your perfect culture and sell your vision to your employees.  Communicate your business aims and your employee’s part in the overall strategy. This ensures that your people will pull out all the stops when it comes to serving your customers.

We can support your internal comms by providing;




Focus Groups

Intranet Solutions


Visual Management

start with an employee survey

Taking the time to listen to your employees and find out what they want from you as an employer is the key to delivering an engagement programme that will really hit the mark. 

The Design Grove has a tried and tested, methodical approach to getting this information out of your employees through the use of survey’s, workshops and focus groups.

create an internal comms plan

With a mountain of information about your employees, and a better understanding of your business, what next?

We take that information and create actionable internal comms plans that tackle some of the issues that have been revealed. Making better connections between what you as an employer says and what your employees hear. We redefine the messages that are key to your businesses success.

tactical internal comms support

The Design Grove can provide ongoing tactical support on a retained or project basis. Depending on the outcome of the employee research and the specific objectives of your business, we will tailor a support package to suit your needs.

my experience

Prior to working for myself, I was an employee for the best part of 20 years. Communication, whether it is internal or external, is best supported by the marketing team and so it has always been in my remit in one way or another. 

I thrive off making a difference to people’s lives, so if I can help employees that I work with/for to feel a better connection with the business, the impact of that is felt massively.

People are a huge part of the marketing strategy. Striving to get more from your people, to help them work smarter and be more productive has a huge knock on benefit to your customers, so why wouldn’t it make sense to focus on it?

In my 9 years at Ferranti I was instrumental in driving a programme of change and influencing the roll out of the businesses mission, vision and values. This experience makes me uniquely positioned to support similar businesses in this way.

If you are a growing business with some sticking points to your operation, get in touch to see how we might be able to support you. 

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