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Using social media marketing to
build your brand

At The Design Grove we love to help business use social media marketing to grow their brand presence online, connect and engage with their prospects. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, we can support you with a social media strategy and ongoing management, covering your bases now and into the future.

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Creating consistency with recognisable, engaging content.

Hate to break this to you, but the key to creating consistency with your content is having a strategy. It actually makes your life easier too. Knowing who your audience is, what their challenges are and writing or preparing content that solves their problems is the key to creating content that resonates.

Our managed social media package starts with a strategy session, as a one-off cost of £1460 which points us in the right direction. This is how it works:

Gathering Insight

Either zoom or face to face we will run a 3-4 hour workshop with you to uncover all the good stuff about your business.

Customer Profiling

We will discuss your target audience and your business goals, and come up with a 6 month targeted content plan.

Content Audit

We will audit your socials and your website analysing SEO performance, and introducing a keyword blog plan.

Branded Assets

We’ll create your branded assets, social media banners, templates and signatures.

Core Messaging

We will produce your core sales messaging – your vision, mission, values, features, benefits, targeted customer messaging that can be used for captions and content for your website and bio’s.

Cost: £1,460

A one off cost payable in two instalments – 50% deposit and 50% on delivery.

Monthly content management

Once we have been through your content strategy, we can manage your content for you on a monthly basis. We ask our clients commit to at least 3 posts per week and 1 blog per month to stand a chance at making an impact.

We can cross-post the same content to multiple profiles within the same platform FOC. If you need to post different content to a different social media platform, there will be additional costs but this is how it usually works:

Plan Execution

Using your content strategy and plan, we start to put it into action.

Social Media Management

We create 12 social media graphics, caption them and schedule them onto a profile of your choice.

Blog Writing

We will create & upload one blog from the blog plan and optimise it via your website plugin.

Monthly Reviews

We will carry out monthly reviews of your content and brainstorm extra content ideas as the need arises.

6 Month Plan

We will replan after the first 6 months to review what has worked and what could be improved.

Cost: £800 per month

Payable in arrears and within 14 days of invoice. 

Why we insist on blogging for your business

From our experience, social media is more than writing the odd post selling a ‘thing’. We have to give your prospects a reason to visit your website, or follow you on social. They want content to consume and importantly, they want content that interests them and answers their questions.

That’s why we embed blogging into our social media plans. It feeds the social media engine, and keeps everything working. 


Since we are going down a blogging route, we also find the most sensible thing to do is to incorporate best practice SEO techniques into our content.

The provides double the benefit since it not only serves a purpose on social media, but it also enhances your website and your presence on the search engines.

This is why we include an SEO audit in our strategy session so that we can understand what your audience is searching for and integrate the keywords into your content. 

Why should you outsource your social media management?

Wouldn’t it be great to have one of your never ending list of jobs off your to do list and in safe hands?

Buy yourself the breathing room to work on your other tasks, without socials looming over your head. Let us create beautifully designed grids, carousel posts and graphic templates for all your social media platforms and write impactful captions that suit your strategy.

We’ve managed content for a whole host of businesses from engineering, software development, leadership, coaching, construction, recycling, aerospace & defence, electronics, the list goes on and on, so let’s have a quick chat about your content marketing goals and take it from there.

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“Gillian has managed social media for us throughout the last year, we don’t know what we’d do without her.”
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