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Businesses often think that their sales efforts live or die by the state of their website and for some businesses that is certainly the case. Generally speaking, how often have you been in the market for something only to visit a website and think, ‘urgh, no way’ just based on looks of the site alone?

But that said, a website is just one part of a toolkit for communicating with your customers, suppliers and anyone else who’s interested in your business. So before you start to tackle that, ask yourself, what am I trying to say?

Companies that I work with quickly realise that they don’t know what they are trying to say, they have a muddled mess of messages and no way to get to the solution. Which is where The Design Grove comes in, offering branding guidance in the form of a workshop.

The workshop is designed to help clients figure out answers to questions such as; what is your target market? Or, what value do you bring to your customers? Ultimately, all you have to do is talk and I will make sense of it for you. What you come away with is a lot more clarity and focus for your marketing.

Once you understand your brand, you know your USPs, what next? The Design Grove can fulfil any and all requirements when it comes to designing and supplying the finished marketing material. In addition, can help you increase your general brand awareness through developing an on and offline communication strategy that not only engages your customers but also engages your employees.

Online communication through social media is not a question of whether you should do it, but more of what you should say? It’s not simply enough to throw out the odd tweet as a faceless entity. Why should anyone care? People browsing social media are looking to be engaged, to read something that resonates with them, something more human, so consequently marketers are challenged to write something that tests their creativity to the max.

Thinking of subjects that your target audience wants to read about, what might they be interested in beyond what you sell? What could you be subject matter experts about, thought leaders in the field?

This is where the final string to the Design Grove bow comes in; embracing employee engagement and business improvement as a way to generate PR opportunities for the business. Together we can identify things to shout about, generate a “business improvement journey” that sparks the interests of your followers. We aim to illustrate your competencies whilst recognising employees. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for your culture!

So, The Design Grove, much more than just design!

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