What is User Experience?
Published on 28 Nov, 2020
What is User Experience?

There is a lot of hype around user experience or UX at the moment. It is a role that has become more prominent within organisations these days because they know that it is the key to providing customers with an experience that makes the difference between them buying and not buying.

User Experience is usually considered within product design and is concerned with how a person feels when they are using a company’s product or interacting with a company, on something like a website or an app.

Does it make the user happy, frustrated, worried, excited?

Part of the User Experience is the User Interface. The User Interface or UI is the point of interaction between a user and a digital device or product, such as a touch screen or a web page. UI designers consider the way the interface looks and functions rather than how it makes a user feel.

Ideally, they work together to create the ultimate user experience that helps to build brand trust and consequently, brand loyalty.

So how can you improve your user experience?

Experience is a personal thing; it is different for everyone. There may be different touch points that some users have that others don’t. The important thing is consistency and there are a number of ways you can ensure this;

Make user experience part of your vision

Have a clear vision when it comes to your customers’ experience and define the behaviours that are expected in order to achieve it.

User Centric Design

Knowing what your users value. What will make their engagement with your product or website connect with them. Being customer centric on design and testing your ideas out on a cross section of users, will help you iron out anything that will negatively impact their experience from the outset.

Think about the User Interface

When it comes to your digital touchpoints, whether that is a product or a website think about the User Interface, how easy is it to navigate and read? Is it intuitive? Does it appeal to people with disabilities? Do the functions work? Is it too fussy or not fussy enough? Do the processes flow correctly? These are the things that will impact the user experience.

User Feedback

Ask how users found the experience. Was there anything that disappointed them? What might make it better? Asking for insights like this will enable you to make small changes to the way you do things that can impact on someone else in the future.

Why do you need to consider UX and UI?

As technology advances and people adopt more technology, we want things to work seamlessly, intuitively, quickly and lots of other words ending in ‘ly’.

Generations of future consumers are growing up with tech being completely normal to them. They have boundless creativity and aspirations. In order to stay competitive, you have to aim to exceed their expectations when it comes to user experience.

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What is User Experience?

There is a lot of hype around user experience or UX at the moment. It is a role that has become more prominent within organisations these days because they know that it is the key to providing customers with an experience that makes the difference between them buying...

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