Word On The Street

Project Overview

The team at Word On The Street wanted to develop a new brand identity for their Mortgage Brokerage. They saw themselves differently to most mortgage brokers and wanted something refreshingly different. The challenge was to stay within colour guidelines and develop a website that was going to position them as modern, forward  thinking mortgage brokers.

Brand Workshop

The workshop was delivered at a local events centre where we sat down with lots of sandwiches and brainstormed everything about the business. The team were able to download everything they wanted to achieve, their values, vision, mission and everything in between. This helped to form some of the thinking behind the brand.

Logo Design

There were a few logos shown before the company decided on the final logo choice. The prominent feature was the gold colouring and took front and centre in the house symbol. 


Mortgage Broker Website

Using WordPress and the Divi Theme Builder, we built a website that encompassed a lot of the new messaging that was brought out of the brand workshop. We commissioned some additional iconography to add value to the overall look and feel of the website.

Social media

The Design Grove team developed some social media templates that the business were able to use in their ongoing marketing efforts. Using the house as a focal point of the design and the icons to complement some of the service promotions.

LinkedIn Banner

As an extension of the branding/logo created we created LinkedIn banners for the key members of the WOTS team and their business pages. This defined the look and feel for most of the social media work following that.

Marketing Collateral

Multi-purpose design

This single page advert was designed to be used in a publication but the team at WOTS are also able to use it as a flyer to send out to prospective customers.

Flyer design


The icons were also used for the flyer design. Created by a fantastic illustrator – Carrie Leaver

“You’ve been a breeze to work with and I do hope our paths cross again in the future. One things for certain and that is that you will forever be a part of our journey and we are eternally grateful for the advice, guidance and support you have shown us.”

Michael Street, Word On The Street

Other Recent Work