Project Overview

I have been supporting Ardmac with content marketing services, producing newsletter, blog and social media content for their Cleanroom business unit and Interiors business unit. I have been supporting their in-house marketing team on an ongoing basis. 


For the past few months I have been supporting Ardmac, a cleanroom specialist in the pharmaceutical engineering sector. 

Not wanting to generalise the engineering sector too much, but in my experience, ‘culture’ is a very ‘fluffy’ word in this area and not often embraced and given the importance it deserves.

Ardmac however, blow me away! Every time I meet someone from within the company, they have nothing but positive things to say about the culture, how they are treated and how much they love their job. It is incredible. 

It’s a huge testament to their leadership, but consequently, Ardmac’s success WILL be felt in the industry, of that I have no doubt. 

Blog Writing Support

I’ve been helping them create fresh content that is focused on their fabulous people, bringing the businesses personality and character to the fore for all the world to see. 

Read some of their employee stories here; 

Technology & Innovation Manager

Business Development Manager

and some of the technical blogs I’ve written here;

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Other Recent Work