Genus Recycling

Project Overview

Genus, formerly known as Materials Recycling & Consultancy, decided to rebrand their business and wanted support with generating a whole raft of marketing material. The company commissioned The Design Grove to design a new logo, stationery, website and social media content. Find out more below.

Brand Workshop

We sat down with the businesses Directors over a period of a few hours and talked through the company’s proposition. We discussed what they brought to the table specifically that other paper recycling companies do not. It is a complex business and so it took quite a lot to understand how the market operated and the part that Genus played in it.

Logo Design

The logo was designed around the premise of eco/green initiatives with a combination of mustard green and dark blue. The green G symbolises a cycle, something going round, which is precisely what happens with the paper the company recycles. It provided a nice bold graphic to use on designs for the letterhead, compliment slip and business card.



We produced a letterhead, which was also digital, business card with QR code embedded, a compliment slip and a branded folder with a unique pattern.


Divi Theme Builder

The website was produced using the content generated from the workshop and with a combination of original content from company material was designed into a custom template. 

Social Media


The Design Grove continues to support the company with their marketing and brand awareness efforts on social media. 

“Gillian was, and still is, an absolute pleasure to work with! The support she offered throughout the whole process was second to none and made every step along the way an easy one. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. Definitely a major asset to Genus!”

Billie Chadwick, Genus Recycling

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