The Power of Values

  • Are you sitting in an organisation wondering what it’s values are?
  • Do you know what is expected of you as an employee?
  • Do you see people getting away with poor behaviour?
  • No one takes responsibility and it’s all someone else’s fault!

Leaders, you have a problem!

Values and culture sit hand in hand. You need to understand the culture of your business and ensure your new and existing staff are out and out representatives of the culture you want. If you chopped off their head they should have your businesses name written right through them like a stick of rock.

Recruiting people is tricky and expensive, so you need to keep them. Effective onboarding with the right messages from the outset helps people to understand where the company see’s itself in years to come. They get an understanding of what is important to the organisation and as an enthusiastic new recruit, they’ll want to do their best for you. Don’t let the apathy set in, because once they think you don’t care about them, they’ll no longer care about you.

The employees have the power, not the management. They’re the ones who choose everyday whether they’ll work that little bit harder to get a product out the door, or whether they pick up the phone to your customer with a nice greeting or a grunt. Do you have to spell out the behaviour you expect, surely everyone is like you right? Not only do you have to spell it out, but you need to remind, remind, remind!

Don’t let negativity, apathy and ‘we just want to make more money’ drive your business, put your businesses heart on a plate and give it to your employees. Help them understand your morals, your greater purpose in life and most of all, communicate.

And if you need my help to do that, you know where to find me.

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