The benefits of outsourcing?

Many businesses face wide ranging challenges but don’t always have the internal resources to deal with them. Rather than recruit or retrain existing staff, many businesses are turning to outsourcing. Why? There are many benefits to outsourcing and this blog will aim to identify a few of the key ones.

Access to key expertise without the need to employ anyone

You’re a growing business and suddenly you find a skill gap, what do you do? Do you recruit? Do you train existing staff? Or do you outsource? Outsourcing gives you access to the expertise that you need without the need to employ anyone and all the costs that are associated with that from recruitment to benefits.

Focus attention on existing employees

While your outside help gets to grips with the task in hand, you are in a better position to focus on the people you do have employed. What are their needs? Do they need training? Can your third party actually help by mentoring your staff and enabling them to acquire the skills you need.

Focus attention on your core activities

All the time you are without this particular skill set, or trying to figure it out for yourself, you’re wasting time that you could and should be spending on your core business or your own role. Hiring a third party could free you up to get you back to what you should be doing.

Financial flexibility

You might think, I only need to outsource this for a few months, or I could just do with a bit of help with this project but it’s not full time. The beauty with outsourcing is that it can be picked up and put down whenever you need it. Your money is not tied up in overheads and you don’t have any of the baggage that comes with employing someone.

Deliverables achieved quickly

Chances are that the third-party support you obtain will be pretty damn good at what they do and will get to grips with the tasks in hand in half the time it would take you to do it yourself. Where’s the sense in struggling? Plus, these guys will be keen to impress you to secure future work, so will hopefully add value as well.


How can The Design Grove help?

As a freelance marketing professional, I can fully support each of these points with practical examples of companies who are currently experiencing these benefits. Ask me more about the work I can do for you.

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