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Project Overview

I have supported CDL with intermittent marketing services for 3 years. During this time I have been involved in a lot of on and offline marketing projects. I also help CDL manage their digital agency.

Brand Management

CDL initially contracted me to develop their branding.

I have supported them with business card designs, flyers, internal memo’s and signage, HTML email signatures and even provided branded livery for their recycle bins. Now there’s a company that takes waste seriously!

Advertising Support

CDL are massive fans of advertising and run a schedule of half page and full page adverts annually. I have supported them with graphic design and copywriting for the advert. 

I have also supported them with branded online advertising.

Exhibition Support

My support then extended to providing CDL with designs for their exhibition graphics. So far I have done 5 exhibitions, from small scale pop ups to medium sized, bespoke exhibition stands.

Since I know the brand really well I can usually whip something up pretty quickly that fits the bill. 

I also provide the branding designs for their corporate giveaways as required.

Social Media Management

I manage all of CDLs social media platforms, LinkedIn most actively. Our work in this area has evolved over time due to the ever changing nature of social media algorithms. 

I have taken a ‘people focused’ approach to social media in order to grow engagement and organic reach and wrote a series of ‘Day in the Life’ articles to display the company’s personality and charm. 

Email Marketing

Most recently, the company expanded their marketing repertoire to include email marketing. To build on their existing content marketing and social media strategy, we decided to ‘take the information to the people.’  We started a programme of emails using some of the content from the company blog page. Initially to provide customers with useful information, not with a focus on selling.

Each of the emails has so far led to the company receiving up to 3 collection bookings at a time, which has led to revenue generated so email stands to be in our marketing strategy for some time. 

Email Marketing

“Gillian helps us with all our marketing activity. She is reliable and responsive whenever we call on her.
I don’t know where I’d be without her.”

Ben Griffin, Sales Director


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