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Case Study
HR Angels

Project Overview

Angela from HR Angels came across my Facebook page and asked for help with launching her personal HR consultancy. 

Brand Workshop

Angela from Solihull was launching her business, HR Angels, towards the end of 2020. Needing some help with her marketing, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to say, who she was targeting or how she was going to attract new clients to her business. 

With a half day on zoom we were able to go through all of her businesses features and benefits, identify who her target audience was and articulate her ‘offering’. She got all of this in a nice handy report to take away with her and use in her social media and website content.

Web & Social

Before going on to tackle Angela’s new website and social media graphics, I developed a colour palette and range of fonts that represented her and her brand.

Through the brand workshop I was able to write all of her copy, for her to amend and tweak, before building it into a simple WordPress website.

Below is a sample of some of the social media post graphics that I also produced for her to roll out.

Other Recent Work