Why communication is so important
Published on 28 Nov, 2020
Why communication is so important

It makes people feel reassured

Everyone in the world is worried about job security, it’s looming over all our heads. Leaders are losing sleep over making redundancies and keeping their businesses afloat and employees just want their lives to carry on as they did before. If you go dark on them, employees are left to make up their own mind about a situation. They will read into every bit of communication you do give them and come to their own conclusions.

The stress that causes on your employee is totally unavoidable. Just be transparent and let them know where they stand. 

Communication helps people to do their job more effectively

Open lines of communication between teams can allow employees to make better assumptions, be more proactive and use their own initiatives. Great communication between teams is like a football team regularly training together, they get to understand each other’s game better. They start to predict what is expected of them and are able to deliver it before its expected.

Moving together like a well-oiled machine!

It enables a greater sense of job satisfaction

Imagine a workplace where everyone understood what their role was and the part they played in making the business a success. Imagine how happy your employees would feel to know how they contributed to that.

As humans we all thrive off making a difference,

whether it’s to our workplace or just to the people around us. This energy then converts into passion, drive and determination, exactly the traits you want your employees to have.

It prevents misunderstandings and limits errors

Customer complaints and dissatisfaction tends to come from poor service. How many times have you heard, “I wouldn’t have minded waiting if you’d told me it was going to take longer”? People are generally understanding when it comes to genuine errors, but without communication,

it just looks like you don’t care how they feel. 

It gives your team a little boost

Communicate the wins! Do you celebrate your achievements? Do you thank the people who contributed? Do you talk/write to your team and let them know the good stuff as much as the bad? Communication doesn’t just have to be about the business’s goals and strategy, it can be personal too. In fact chatting to your employees and finding out about their lives outside of work demonstrates that you actually care.

Gives everyone a nice warm fuzzy feeling. More of that!

Is your business struggling with communication?

Its ok, many businesses are, it’s one of the most difficult things to get right. 

As a business leader, you carry the burden of a disjointed and fragmented business and if you don’t fix it, you risk losing your best people and your customers.

So, what are you going to do about it?

The Design Grove can help you design a joined up, sustainable communication strategy, incorporating the whole organisation, improving everyone’s skills and allowing them to be working towards a shared vision. 

Through training, coaching and mentoring, The Design Grove can upskill your team, rally your troops and ultimately drive business improvement and collaboration.  

Come along to a free webinar to find out more and let’s get started.

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Why communication is so important

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